Agro Dairy Farming

Complete Schedule On The Farm

We have a different schedule for every season at our farm. The schedule varies season to season. However, there are some minor changes in the schedule but the elementary activities of the schedule remain same throughout the year.

Summer season schedule of milking and maintenance of the cows at farm:

  • All the cows of the farm are allowed to roam in open during the night. They can sleep at any place they want. This freedom is provided to the cows for whole night.
  • The time for milking of cows in summer season is 6:30 in early morning. Open farm is used for milking of cows.
  • The cows are offered diets in their shed after milking. The cows can take diet till 8:30 AM.
  • The time of 11 AM to 4 PM is time for rest for the cows. During this time they take rest in their sheds.
  • The cows are milked again at 4 PM. Thus the milking of cows is done twice in a day. During the evening session of milking, sheds are used. In other words, milking of cows in the evening is done in sheds.
  • After that cows can roam freely in the farm. From 6 PM to early morning, the cows can take rest at any place they want.

Schedule of Cows maintainence and milking in Winter Season.

  • The cows are allowed to stay in covered sheds only during night so that they can stay protected from the cold.
  • During the early morning, milking is carried out in sheds only. The cows remain in their sheds till breaking of sunshine.
  • After milking, diet is provided to cows in bright sunshine so that their body can get some heat. Sunshine is very important for the body of cows in the winter season.
  • The cows are kept in open till 6 PM.
  • After 6 PM, all the cows are again in their sheds for the whole night.

Thus, the whole procedure of maintenance of cows is planned in such a way that the cows can remain healthy.